Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery
Nowdays, The coconut shell activated carbon plays an important role in gold extraction process. The effect of gold extraction is closely related to the quality of coconut shell activated carbon, so how to purchase high-quality coconut shell activated carbon is very important.

How To Make Gold Coconut Shell Activated Carbon : 

Coconut shell activated carbon is made of high-quality coconut shell by physical method and high-temperature steam activation process. Gold coconut shell activated carbon has uniform particle size, high mechanical strength and strong adsorption capacity, and  is made by water grinding and other special processes. It has the characteristics of good wear resistance and high adsorption performance, It is suitable for modern gold mining production, mainly used for the separation and extraction of precious metals in gold metallurgy industry by heap leaching or carbon slurry method.

Technical Standard Of  Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Gold  Recovery

1. Iodine Value of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon : More than 950mg/g,  The packing density of high quality coconut shell activated carbon should be 1000mg / g, and the impact toughness should be about 90%.

2. Surface Area of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon:  ≥1400㎡/g,   The surface area of conventional activated carbon can only reach 1100 ㎡ / g . This is the advantage of coconut shell activated carbon

3.  Strength of coconut gold activated carbon: strength ≥ 97%,  higher wear resistance and compressive strength than that of ordinary activated carbon.

4. Specification and model of coconut shell gold activated carbon:  the selected particle size is generally 10-24 mesh, water content ≤ 5, ash content ≤ 10%; because particles are not easy to flow, residues such as organic compounds in water are not easy to block in coconut shell activated carbon filter layer, with strong adsorption capacity and fast filtration speed.

5. Coconut shell activated carbon for gold recovery is economical and durable: gold coconut shell activated carbon has the characteristics of strong regeneration after saturation. High quality purified gold  coconut shell activated carbon has the advantages of developed pore structure, huge specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high wear resistance and pressure resistance, small bed resistance, easy regeneration, economic and durable, and can be used in the tower continuous operation.
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