Where to Buy Activated Carbon for Water Treatment
Activated carbon, also referred to as activated charcoal, active coal, or activated carbon, is an excellent adsorbent ideal for the removal of contaminants, residual disinfectants, and organic materials in water. This helps to reduce health risks, improving taste, and protecting water treatment units from damage that can arise as a result of oxidation. Active carbon is the most preferred method for water treatment in most parts of the world. It is also essential for reducing odors and can eliminate different contaminants when turned to activated carbons.

Yongruida is a leading producer of active carbon that specializes in the production of coconut shell activated carbon and coal activated carbon of different sizes. With the latest technology and solutions in water and air purification, Yongruida can help various companies or communities meet their air and water purification needs.

Activated Carbon Types
There are several types of active coal meant for different purification needs. Granular activated carbon and powdered activated carbon are the best processes for water treatment. Yongruida is widely known for the production of powdered, granular, and pellets active carbons. Their uses or applications may vary from one type to another.  The results needed and the nature of a particular application are some of the things that determine how one can use a specific type of activated charcoal for purification. Let's have a look at the different forms.  

Granular Activated Carbons
Also referred to as GACs, they are particles irregular in shape with a size range of 0.2 to 5mm. It is ideal for liquid and gas applications. Granular activated charcoal is a product of organic matter that has gone through a thorough heating process in the absence of air. The heated organic matter has to go through crushing to turn it into smaller solid particles or granules. Examples of organic matter used include coconut shell, coal, and wood. Granular activated coal is highly adsorbent, which means it can deal with a high number of contaminants in liquids, air, and water. Most experts recommend the use of granular activated carbon in advanced systems for regular treatment procedures in water treatment facilities.

Municipal water treatment
Recovery of metals
Environmental air treatment
Gas filter
Mercury removal
Solvent recovery
Food and beverage industry
Industrial procedure

  As a leading manufacturer of GACs, Yongruida has the best products that have undergone the necessary cost and quality evaluation. They have the right expertise to meet your granular active carbon needs. 
Powdered Active Carbon
Powdered activated carbon, also PAC, are fine carbon particles about 018mm in size or less. PAC is a product of organic matter that has high carbon content like coal, lignite, and wood. It is widely used by water treatment plants to control taste, odor, and get rid of contaminants.  The adsorptive qualities of powdered activated charcoal make it the best for eliminating contaminants in the air, water, and certain gases.

Yongruida has more than 20 years of experience in producing PAC designed to meet the needs of different industrial applications. The company produces various types of powdered activated carbon products with unique adsorption qualities. The adsorptive range of Yongruida's PAC makes it the best for the removal of a variety of contaminants from air, water, liquids, and gases. PAC has a wide range of applications that include municipal water treatment, energy storage, food and beverages, industrial processes, and mercury removal.

Pellets Active Carbon
Pelletized activated carbon is made from coconut shells or coal. This is done by ejecting the active carbon into cylindrical pieces that have a diameter range of about 0.9 to 8mm. Activated coal pellets are ideal for various purification and solvent recovery needs. Yongruida is your best source of different types of pelletized activated coal for your water purification needs. It is your excellent source for pellet activated charcoal with the best adsorption qualities. The company also manufactures pellets active carbon products with a unique pore structure.  
Pellets are safe for the environment because you can revive them through the thermal oxidation procedure, making it easy to use them in several instances for the same purpose. Yongruida is a top manufacturer in pelletized activated carbon products with all the qualities you may need in one.  Different applications of pellets active carbon include industrial processes, mercury removal, and environmental air treatment.

Activated Carbon for Water Treatment
According to a report published by World Vision, over 800 million people from various spheres of the globe lack access to clean drinking water. Pollution in different water sources makes it difficult for a high number of people to access clean water for drinking and other domestic use. Activated charcoal for water treatment is one of the best solutions to the water pollution crisis. Its purification qualities make it the best for use in various water treatment plants. 

Treating Drinking Water
The qualities of good drinking water include good taste, contaminant-free, mineral-rich, antioxidant, and an alkaline pH of between 7.0 to 9.5. Yongruida's granular activated carbon and other carbon products can help to purify your water and make it safe for drinking. It helps to remove chlorine, odor, and other impurities, making your water safe for drinking.

Sewage Treatment
Sewage recycling is a common procedure in most cities and towns meant to reduce wastage. Activated carbon is ideal for sewage treatment because of how it helps in decolorizing, purifying, and removing other impurities in the waste water. Granular active carbon and powdered activated coal from Yongruida are ideal for wastewater treatment. Their high absorption qualities make them the best for sewage treatment. 

Treating Industry Sewage
Industries are notorious for releasing wastewater and other effluents in rivers. This leads to contamination of water meant for drinking and other domestic use. It also endangers plant and marine life. Most industries are now using advanced procedures to manage their wastewater. Activated carbon is a popular treatment option that can help to stop the discharge of harmful waste into water bodies by industries. Yongruida's granular activated carbon and other products have high adsorption qualities that help in the purification of industrial wastewater containing different types of waste and chemicals.

Swimming Pool and Aquarium Treatment
High physical and chemical adsorption quality in activated carbon makes it the best for different impurities in your aquarium and swimming pool. Active carbons remove organic pollutants such as hormones, drugs, metals, minerals, and various compounds, leaving your aquarium and pool clean and clear.  The fish in your aquarium are less likely to die as a result of the change in pH levels when you use activated charcoal. You should try it for this and many more water treatment applications.

Why Is The Yongruida An Ideal Place to Buy Activated Carbon for Water Treatment?
Ningxia Yongruida Carbon Co.Ltd is a Chinese-based company known for the production of activated coal. The company specializes in the production of products like active carbon pellets, granular activated carbon, anthracite coal, recarburizer, powdered active charcoal, and honeycomb active carbon. The wide range of products meant for water treatment, and other purification requirements are reasons why you should buy from them.

Yongruida's expertise in developing different activated coal applications is unmatched. With such knowledge and advanced production procedures. Ningxia Yongruida offers custom-made activated carbons for a wide range of water treatment applications. Visit our website https://www.yrdcarbon.com/ for more.

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