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Polyacrylamide (PAM) powder is one of the largest uses for polyacrylamide is to flocculate solids in a liquid. This process applies in pulp and paper production, agriculture, food processing, mining, and as a flocculant in wastewater treatment. Polyaluminum Chloride PAC's can offer a number of advantages over traditional coagulants such as alum or iron salts. Because Polyaluminum Chloride PAC's are pre-neutralized and have a higher charge density than traditional coagulants, they coagulate via a more efficient mechanism, called charge neutralization. China polyacrylamide (PAM) powder and flocculant manufacturer & supplier - Yongruida, the leader in environmentally friendly material solutions. PAM has been exported to Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, Philippines, Italy, India, Thailand, South Korea, South africa, UAE, USA, Australia, UK, NZ, Indonesia and so on more than 80 countries. If you have any problem, PLEASE Contact us or Send Email:, We will reply to you as soon as possible.
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