Coal Activated Carbon Pellets Are Playing an Important Role in Wastewater Treatment
Today more and more people realize the importance of environment protection, activated carbon (AC) as the most basic purification material which is widely used in our daily life. For instance AC is one of the most effective material used for liquid phase absorption and gas phase absorption, this way effectively purify urban air and clean drinking water, which makes our breath air fresher  and drinking water safer, because AC absorb the harmful substances from the air and water. There are different types of AC, the most popular one is Columnar Activated Carbon (CAC) which is coal based activated carbon, it mostly used in industry water treatment.

Coal based activated carbon made of high quality Ningxia Taixi anthracite which raw material is only found in Ningxia province of China and it famous in the world. To make coal activated carbon needs through several process:  Step 1. grinding; Step 2. Extrusion; Step 3. Drying; Step 4. Carbonation; Step 5. Active; Step 5. Cooling; Step 6. Screening. Because the appearance is columnar, so it is named columnar activated carbon (CAC). CAC has a very well-developed pore structure lays down its powerful absorption function, and has been used activated carbon easily recycle , and because of the carbonation process made it own high mechanical strength. So CAC is one of the most popular material which used in gas phase absorption, exhaust gas treatment, industry and daily life waste water treatment, solvent recovery and other aspects. 
Coal based Activated Carbon is made of high quality anthracite, go through advanced processing technology, its appearance is black columnar and it has well- developed porous structure, great absorption ability, high mechanical strength, easily recycle features.  

Columnar Activated Carbon is mostly used to treat waste water from Chemical, Metallurgy, Food, Paint factory, when activated carbon is used in water treatment, actually it mainly by utilize the physical property of columnar activated carbon, because activated carbon has very rich porous structure so which can absorb harmful substances from air and water. The price of Columnar Activated Carbon is lower compare with other water treatment materials, so in many cases people would like choosing Activated Carbon to remove micro pollutants. In water treatment there are many process and each process will use different size and different type of activated carbon. So when you choose the product, first you need mention your application.   

Although Coal Columnar activated carbon is flammable, it won’t easily burn in natural environment, but in high temperature will increase the chance of burning and there is no open fire when it burn, so please pay attention on inspection and store activated carbon in ventilation and cooling and not smoke in this area, never store AC with gasoline, diesel, grease and any flammable substances.
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