Water treatment
The world is facing an invisible water quality crisis, causing one-third of potential economic growth in heavily polluted areas, posing a threat to human and environmental health. World Bank research in the report shows that a combination of microorganisms, sewage, chemicals, and plastics draws oxygen from water supplies and turns them into poisons for humans and ecosystems. Activated Carbon (AC) is the most basic material used for water treatment,  so activated carbon will play a vital role in improving human water pollution.

1,Drinking water treatment
Drinking water and high pure water must meet certain quality requirements to ensure taste and safety. Ningxia Yongruida can provide professional granular Activated Carbon(GAC) and coconut shell activated carbon series. It forms a large number of fine pores of various shapes during the activation process, and constitutes a huge surface area with adsorption. The specific surface area is 500-1200 m2/g, and the larger the specific surface area is, the better the adsorption effect is.
Activated carbon / charcoal can purify urban drinking water, removing chlorine and deodorizing; it is also a high-grade purification material in the production process of high pure water and artificial mineral spring; large-scale boiler feed water can remove harmful impurities such as COD in advance. Granular activated carbon can improve boiler efficiency and extend boiler life and effectively remove COD, pigment, odor and other poisons in water, large granular activated carbon can fill filters and purify air, and so on.

2,Waste water treatment
Activated carbon, used for sewage treatment, can effectively deodorize, decolorize, and remove harmful substances in water quality. Ningxia Yongruida  can provide granular activated carbon(GAC) and powdered activated carbon, which is very suitable for different chemical and city waste water treatment. With developed pore structure and good adsorption, it is widely used for waste gas treatment, purification of industrial and domestic water and so on.
Activated carbon is mainly to remove volatile organic compound (voc), chlorine. It can also removes odor and taste, color, residual chlorine, colloids, organic matter (synthetic detergents, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, synthetic dyes), heavy metals (such as mercury, silver, cadmium, chromium, lead, nickel, etc.), are the earliest and most widely used water purification materials in water purifiers. Not only general activated carbon water purifiers, but also in household reverse osmosis water purifiers, as well as most ultrafiltration, ceramics, KDF, UV and other water purifiers, will use activated carbon.

3,Industrial water treatment
Industrial sewage mainly comes from heavy metal wastewater discharged from mining, smelting, electrolysis, electroplating, pesticides, medicine, paint, pigments, chemicals and other enterprises. If it is not purified with industry wastewater, it will seriously pollute the environment. The type, content and form of heavy metals in industrial wastewater vary with different production companies. Therefore, the treatment of heavy metals in chemical wastewater is very important.
Ningxia Baiyun granular activated carbon and columnar activated carbon is made of high quality coal. With strong adsorption and high strength, it is very suitable for industrial water purification, decolorization, deodorization and purify dechlorination and industrial waste water.

4,Ultrapure water treatment
Ultrapure water, also known as UP water, refers to water with a resistivity of 18 MΩ*cm (25 ° C). In addition to water molecules, this kind of water has almost no impurities, and there are no organic substances such as bacteria, viruses, and chlorine. Of course, there are no trace elements of minerals required by the human body, that is, water that removes almost all atoms except oxygen and hydrogen. It can be used in the preparation of ultrapure materials (semiconductor raw materials, nano-fine ceramic materials, etc.) using distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or other suitable supercritical fine techniques.
Ningxia Baiyun coconut activated carbon is the best choice for ultrapure water purification. Its adsorption capacity is related to the temperature of water and the quality of water. The higher the water temperature is, the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is; if the water temperature is above 30 degrees, the adsorption capacity will reach the limit and may gradually decrease.

5,Swimming pools and aquariums
Activated carbon has a strong "physical adsorption" and "chemical adsorption" effect, can adsorb some organic compounds to remove, using this principle. We can quickly and effectively remove the harmful substances, odors and pigments in the water quality of aquariums, so that the water quality can be directly and quickly improved.
Activated carbon removes organic pollutants, some of which cause water to turn yellow. These include organic acids, proteins, hormones, antibiotic compounds, organic compounds, and a variety of chemicals, drugs, metals, and minerals. Removal of inorganic matter, caused by chlorine, chloramine, color and smell of the material such as phenol.
Coal-based granular activated carbons are well suited for aquariums because they consist of many small and large pore sizes produced by the activation process, allowing adsorption of smaller and larger particles.Our company has special activated carbon products for swimming pools and aquariums for customers to choose from.

Quality standards of certain products are as follows:
Activated carbons for water treatments
Type Diameter (mm)
I.D. (mg/g min) Ash (% max C.T.C. (% min) Apparent Density(g/l) M.B. (mg/g min) Moisture (% max) Hardness (% min) Ph  
ZJ-09 ¢0.9 800-1000 7---15   450-600   5 95 8---11  
ZJ-15 ¢1.5 800-1000 7---15   450-600   5 95 8---11  
ZJ-30 ¢3.0 800-1000 7---15   450-600   5 95 8---11  
ZJ-40 ¢4.0 800-1000 7---15   450-600   5 95 8---11  
PJ-8*30 8*30 500-1050 7---20   400-600 100-200 5 90 or 95 8---11  
PJ-12*40 12*40 500-1050 7---20   400-600 100-200 5 90 or 95    
PJ-20*50 20*50 500-1050 7---20   400-600          
FJ 100 100 500-1000 10-up     100-200 5      
FJ 200 200 500-1000 10-up     100-200 5      
FJ 325 375 500-1000 10-up     100-200 5      
PS:Carbons can be manufactured and supplied according to customer’s demands
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