Industrial Water
Production process :
Beverage ,wine ,food ,medical treatment ,chemical industry. Activated carbon has various functions in industrial prodcution and it is widely used for decolorization, deodorization, removal of colloid, increase of crystallization, enhancement of stability, and recovery & utilization of effective substance.
Tap water, pure water and electronic ultra pure water .
In the prodcution of tap water and pure water, Activated carbon can effectively remove pathogenic bacteria ,chemical trace residues ,heavy metals and residual chlorine ,and will not lead to the loss of minerals such as Ca , Mg ,at the same time it can also improve the taste.
Sewage discharge 
Drainage from industrial park ,industrial effluent 
Activated carbon has proved to be one of the most effective deep purification material ,and is widely used in the deep purification material ,and is widely used in the deep purification treatment of industrial effluent,such as three grade decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater ,heavy metal ions removal of electroplating wastewater ,purification and reuse of paper mill wastewater ,COD removal of petrochemical industrial wastewater in order to reach the discharge standards .
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