Civilian Water
Drinking water: filter block 

The quality of water can vary widely from area to area, and even from residence to residence. Acativated carbon, owning largr BET surface area ,can absorb peculiar smell, the residual chlorine and hums that affects the flavor, and is widely used in point of entry filters in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. After layers purification treatment, the water then reaches the point-of -use.

Domestic water: For swimming pool, aquarium, fish tank, activated carbon can remove chlorine, fishy smell, earthy taste and other unpleasant smell. and effectively eliminate the pathogenic bacteria, bacteria, and residual disinfectant and its by-prodcuts .

Life drainage. Activated carbon has been effectively used in the municipal sewage purification treatment. Because the municipal sewage containes medical polluted water, herbicides and other chemicals, personal care prodcuts contain traces of hormoal drugs such as antibiotices, interferon, it must be treated by activated carbon before dischargring, otherwise it will do great harm to people's life, and even affect our health.
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