Desulphurization activated carbon is widely used in thermal power plants, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical fiber industry in flue gas desulfurization, feed gas desulfurization in fertilizer industry, coal gas and natural gas desulfurization and other chemical industrial gas desulfurization.

Activated carbon desulfurization of our company is to use high quality coal as raw material, refined with advanced process equipment. Its appearance is black columnar particles or amorphous granular, has a large specific surface area, the appropriate space structure, institutions with high intensity, can endure high temperature and high pressure, invulnerability to breakage and easy regeneration, long service life, etc.
Quality standards of certain products are as follows: 
Spec           Type Moisture
Saturated sulfur
ZL40 ≤5 ≥90 450--550 800--900 --4.0
ZL30 ≤5 ≥90 400--550 800--900 --3.0
ZL15 ≤5 ≥90 450--550 800--900 --1.5

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Basic principle of sulfur removal with activated carbon:

1. Remove H2S in the gas
A small amount of H2S and O2 in the gas react under the catalysis of activated carbon surface.
Reaction of H2O was taken away by a lot of air flow, the elemental sulfur by adsorption on the surface of the activated carbon pore, completed the removal of H2S.

2. Remove organic sulfur from the gas
COS accounts for more than 95 percent of all organic sulfur. Under the catalysis of activated carbon at normal temperature,COS can hydrolyze with gaseous water in the gas and hydrolyze into H2S and CO2. Then adsorbed and removed by activated carbon.

1. In the gas source requiring desulfurization, if the oxygen content is less than 2 times of the sulfide content or there is no oxygen, the oxygen shall be supplemented to the required index or other desulfurization agents and desulfurization methods shall be modified.
2, in the operation of removing sulfide, activated carbon shall be liquid or wet entrainment. Because a lot of wet water, the porosity of the activated carbon is filled with water, gas lost can't spread to the surface of activated carbon desulfurization effect.
3, For desulfurizing gases excluding NH3 +, that is no alkaline gas composition, please note that should use alkali impregnated activated carbon
4. During the period of transportation and storage, it shall be strictly protected from rain and humidity, and shall be kept cool and dry.
5, In the process of production application, beware of tar class material into the active carbon layer, due to the surface of activated carbon by tar after class material closed surface and pore, the desulfurization activity and the failure will be lost. 
6. NingXia Yongruida Carbon ,.ltd.has an ISO 9001 certificate. We only do Carbon products 100% according to the specifications or customers' detail reqeust. As for packaging, generally it is 25 KG PP BAGS or 500 KG PP BAGS.
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