Gold Extraction
Ningxia Yongruida activated carbon is used as catalyst in synthetic industry. 
After the production process
Solvent recovery 
Enviroment protection 

Ningxia Yongruida activated carbon is applied to recover the organic solvent of acetone, toluene, xylene, alcohols, lipid, and gasoline in the field of synthetic fiber and synthetic resin industry, printing industry, paper industry, metal degreasing ,rubber industry, petroleum chemical industry, rubber and adhesive production, production of photographic film, film and foil.

Decolorization of intermediates and reducing adverse reactions to the human body 
Yongruida activated carbon is mainly used to purify antibiotics, vitamin, injection etc, and to decolor and refine pharmaceutical intermediates, to remove odor and musty,and aslo to reduce adverse reactions to human body .
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