Enviromental Application
When burning pulverized coal combustion in power plant, the mercury in the coal volatizes because of heat and exists in flue gas in the form of mercury vapor, Yongruida activated carbon used by jetting to remove mercury is relatively mature and most common technology, whose removing rate can reach 96%.

Removal of dioxins contaminants 
Dioxins compound, a catagory of carcinogens in recent years, mainly coming from flue gas emissions of municipal waste incinerators, Ningxia Yongruida activated carbon can efficiently remove dioxins pollutant, and present application has a very wide range.

Adsoption of automobile gasoline vapor 
Yongruida activated carbon canister can effectively adsorb the gasoline vapor in order to prevent the volatilizastion of oil pollution, and can also absorb other harmful gases and peculiar smell in the car.
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